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Sustainability is at the core of who we are. 

So how can we make sustainable living as realistic, effective and as useful as possible? Easy! 

Planet, People, Pocket and Progress



Founded by Charlotte Greer whilst studying at university, veto. was born thanks those all-nighter essay panics. 

 First learning of the concept of sustainability as well as working for ethical & sustainable fashion brand Mane Project, it became hard to ignore the importance of living sustainably. 


Such importance is short-lived however, as Charlotte found it difficult to find sustainable alternatives that she could introduce that were accessible and within a student's capabilities. Enter, veto. 


With the goal of easing anyone's ability to introduce sustainable choices, veto. products are designed with circularity in mind. Meaning one product can be used in different areas of the home. So, even if an induvial can only adjust one habit or implement one change, that’s better than nothing. A little should go a long way! 

But why cleaning products?
Remember that dingy flat where you lived with a bunch of randoms and Asbestos? Yeah, that's why cleaning products. 

Definitions and goals are constantly evolving and we don’t claim have all the answers, but here at veto. we aspire to act in the most effective way possible. Understanding that sustainability has three pillars – Environmental, Social and Economic – means, to implement maintainable change, each pillar must work in conjunction with one another.

Planet, People, Pocket and Progress