3 ways to make it a PLASTIC-FREE JULY 2021

Updated: Jul 1

Soooo it's the middle of year ALREADY! To mark this occasion the world has tagged July as our Plastic-free milestone. The idea is to empower people to be part of the solution to plastic waste by reducing our collective dependency on single-use plastics.

Since I've made it my mission to be your nightclub bathroom GF (see here to know what I mean...), I've created a list of EASY ways for you to reduce your plastic this July (& hopefully for many years to come).

1. Familiarise yourself with the plastic recycling codes

I'm sure we're well aware of the main plastic bastards in our lives: water bottles, takeaway coffee cups and straws. There's plenty of alternatives out there that you can easily swap for more reusable ones.

What I think with this PFJ, we should all understand what plastics can be recycled and where they go.

According to Recycle NZ plastic is one of the most confusing materials to identify for recycling. Items that we think can be recycled, actually may not be.

For example, plastic bottle lids!

Although our milk bottles and frizzy drink bottles can be recycled, the lids can't.

The ReMaker Space, where I have my veto. refillery, also has Precious Plastic Tauranga workspace & drop-off zone. HERE is where you can drop off your non-recyclable plastic bottle lids and watch them become new & useful homewares!

2. Build up your reusable arsenal

If you decide to graduate to the next step, cut more single-use plastic such as plastic produce bags. I applaud the New Zealand's plastic shopping bag bans, but most people still pop their few onions or a couple of lemons into the plastic produce bags. For me, can skip the bag entirely.

Start with one part of you're life and try and find plastic-free options there. For example, household cleaning products maybe...

Other reusable alternatives to single-use plastics:

  • Utensils. In my go-to tote bag, I stash a set of inexpensive metal utensils that I took from my kitchen drawer. There's no point in bringing your lunch with you to work & then BUYING utensils.

  • Keep your empty veto. bags. The bags that my powder is stored in are 100% compostable & biodegradable. That's the beauty of paper, aye! You can use these bags as at-home compost bins OR fill the bags with your scarp paper & use it as a Firestarter. Prodigy would FROTH.

  • Find GOOD glass jars. The veto. upcycled glass storage jars are your plastic-free GEM! These jars have been saved from landfill thanks to local hospitality businesses bringing them to veto., BUT with the size of these, you can use these babies for everything! Not only will these jars extend the shelf-life of your veto. powders, but you can bring them into the veto. refillery! That's a bloody full circle if I ever saw one

3. Don't go insane

If you're anything like me, once you begin reducing plastic from your life, you see plastic everywhere! That's maybe because it is everywhere.

Don't feel disheartened. You can easily slip into a hole of "what's the point?!"

Do what you can where you know you can! If you don't know where to start, ask questions. I'm more than happy to help you on a personal basis! Just flick me an email

Best Charlotte x

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