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5 Eco Goals for 2022

Updated: May 25, 2022

So somehow it's a new year? With that comes the creation of goals in the name of self-betterment. I, for one, can barely hold a conversation let alone the maintenance of goals, BUT I feel after the past two year's we've had, we can hit the ground running for 2022. So, whether you're a newbie or an experienced eco-warrior, I've compiled some eco idea's for us to dabble with this year:


Being comfortable with finances can be very overwhelming - especially for women. So ladies, for 2022, I propose getting real comfortable with those dolla dolla bills, ya'll and make informed decisions for where you spend it because do you know what your money supports? Things like knowing where your savings are being invested can offer some great prompts for change. Also having a savings account would be smart too! Recognise how you spend your money (what things you regularly buy and what things you must buy), do some research & vote with your dollar! If you want more help with this, feel free to flick me a message


If you see something that could be made more sustainable or would greatly help your ability to live more sustainably, then make 2022 the year you have those desires heard. For me, I'm on a public transport mission! I wouldn't call myself an out-in-out activist but I'm definitely going to get my Greta on as my city's public transport is so shit that people don't even know we have it!


There's a theme appearing here...Since the start of 'rona, there has been a progression towards (or back to) seeing what's available right in our backyard. I think 2022 can be the year where we up the ante! Yes, buying from local brands/businesses directly helps the local economy. BUT you don't have to spend money to support local. Engage with your favourite brands' content or chat about them with a mate. This will have a MASSIVE impact and you haven't spent a cent. On the other hand, supporting local isn't exclusively for brands. Get amongst some of the local activities. Go to that play or see an exhibition. Show local organisers that there's things you'd love to DO and double down!


Need I say more? Consolidating your cleaning supplies will minimise waste and remove unnecessary chemicals from your daily routine too. Your body, your bin and maybe even your flat mates will thank you. The best way to start is with one of our Bundles. Here, you'll get everything you need in one foul swoop!


I know it sounds cliché but for 2022, be the change you want to see (cue poetry clicks).

Individual-led change is the most impactful there is. I'm not saying you need to do all of the above this year but what ever you decide, do it to your own capacity and make sure its enjoyable and not a chore!

Except the money thing. That on is pretty important regardless of new year... :)

I'm here if you need any help xx


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