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4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Updated: Jan 10

We have now entered cleaning season!

There is immense irony for starting a cleaning product business but being the messiest person I know! So now, the air is floral and the sun's warmer, it's time to crack open the windows and clean our homes in the name of SPRING!

To make the task as easy as possible, I have developed 4 easy cleaning tips for us both to tackle this annual task. Snow White will have NOTHING on us!

(There's a surprise at the end of this post)

1. Overhaul Your Cleaning Supplies Bit of a no brainer but make sure you've got everything you need to get stuck into it straight away. Tossing the toxins is the first step to creating a cleaner, healthier, and safer home. It's particularly important to avoid air fresheners; you don't need them, open a window. The best way to get everything you need in one foul swoop is to grab a veto. Home Cleaning Bundle with all the cleaning goodness you need.

2. Declutter Put some music on & get rid of your shit. No matter how much you think you own, it always ends up being WAY more. Start with your wardrobe by swapping seasonal wear and donate unwanted clothes.

Head over to your desk or office space, organise your paperwork, clean your computer (you might want to go through old files and declutter you desktop...)

Then, head to the kitchen and clean out the fridge and pantry.

3. Target Rooms Individually

This is my KEY piece of advice. Spread yourself too thin and nothing will get clean.

Move furniture to get into those pesky corners and start dusting or wiping from the Top, Down. Finish a room with a vacuum or a mop, then close the door. END

Messy kitchen ready to be clean


Finish your clean spaces by treating yourself. Buy a nice potted plant or try a new scented candle. We all know the redressing of a home is the best part!

Good luck! Charlotte x's a cheeky gift to get you cleaning off to the best start (only available for 3 days!) use code SPRING15 to get your cleaning underway!

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