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Sustainable Student Living

Imagine if you had the secret to spending less, saving more, and helping the environment. If you had simple ways to be more self-sufficient and to live your values. Wouldn’t that be great?'s an easy break down of daily hacks and ideas for a new start as a conscious, sustainable student.

1. Getting around

Most of the time, heading off to uni means moving to a new city. Familiarising yourself with your new surroundings is one of the most exciting parts of being a student. So, it's safe to say cars are a money pit both in running costs and parking. There are so many low-cost alternatives – walking, cycling, e-scooters, and public transport of course! Grab your student ID and use those discounts to find all the nooks & crannies, discover a cool drinking spot or even stumble into an art gallery.

2. Home Sweet Home

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to keep a clean home. You can avoid expensive and dangerous chemicals by using natural cleaners – veto. oxygen bleach is great, especially for mould. Also, by opening the windows every day to get the most of natural light, unplugging your chargers when you’re not using them and not leaving lights on when you’re not there will save you money on your power bill and conserve energy. Win-win

3. Going Out, Out

If you’re eating out, help a local spot. Swing by the joint with the spunky chef whose place exudes delightful spicy scents has up his sleeve or grab a coffee (in your reusable mug ofc) from that crack-in-the-wall coffee spot where the coffee is as good as the barista's tattoos. Similarly, shop locally sourced groceries. Framers' markets are great for fresh, in-season produce which can sometimes be cheaper than the supermarkets. If you want to freshen up your wardrobe, choose op-shops first or try a clothes swap with your mates! Grab some wine & nibbles and make a night of it!

By choosing local spots to eat or drink, or buying clothes secondhand, you will be contributing to a relationship-based economy which drives environmental and economic growth. How good!

There's a whole lot more that could be added to this list, but the reality is, being a university student means you want easy tasks with quick results. These three tips will help you start or maintain your sustainable living habits while also ensuring you're not making life harder for yourself!

You've got an 8am lecture to sleep through, goddamit!

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