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What Makes Sodium Bicarbonate So Good for Cleaning?

Updated: Jan 12

Sodium Bicarbonate is one of those magical cleaning ingredients that everyone and their mother knows about. For good reason! Sodium Bicarbonate is an enormously useful household cleaning ingredient thanks to its array of functions (bloody overachiever) and has been beloved for over a millennium: Back in 3500 BCE, the Ancient Egyptians used it as a cleaning agent as well as to dry out bodies for the process of mummification.

Fast forward and we're using this angel dust in almost every part of our lives, so, what does the all-powerful Sodium Bicarbonate actually do? A whole lot. Here are the top three reasons why this ingredient superstar is so widely praised.

It absorbs odours.

Unlike air fresheners or candles, which simply mask odours, Sodium Bicarbonate actually absorbs things that might make your laundry or kitchen smell less than clean. That’s because most odours are acidic and, because BS is basic, it reacts with the acids in the air to neutralise them. SCIENCE

It’s slightly abrasive.

For some things, Sodium Bicarbonate works better than typical soap. Although both are basic Sodium Bicarbonate is a derivative of salt, making it has mildly abrasive properties. This means it provides a gentle scrubbing action, without leaving any scratches behind.

It's biodegradable.

Sodium Bicarbonate is a naturally occurring compound found almost everywhere making it harmless to ecosystems and animals. Because it's naturally occurring, almost no one is allergic to it so it's ideal for those who may have sensitive skin or skin conditions

Honestly, the list for why this ingredient is so powerful is much longer but for us here at veto, we love Sodium Bicarbonate because it imbodies the nature of this brand - it's zero waste, multipurpose and economic. A bloody home run!

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