Handmade, Hand cut, Vegan and Plastic-free, our beast of a block SOAP SLAB can help reduce the volume of single-use plastic in homes.


This all-in-one SLAB will cut through stubborn grease and grime from pots and pans, mop your floor AND clean your glass shower


Depending on frequency of use, this soap can last you at least 6 months! Also, one block replaces approx 5 plastic bottles over it's lifespan!


Place your SOAP BLAB in the sink (or bucket) and run the water directly onto it. Then, disrupt the water to activate suds. Clean away!


For even cleaner dishes, use the SOAP SLAB to remove pesky grime, then clean in the dishwasher using your veto. Washing Powder


Store your SOAP SLAB on one of our Limited Addition handmade Soap Dishes


Check out some videos to see how to use your SOAP SLAB


INGREDIENTS: saponified olive & coconut oil with Bay of Plenty rainwater.


Approx 250g