I know it seems odd seeing the word "bleach" with a zero waste cleaning product. However, the veto. Oxygen Bleach is a safe and effective alternative to the not-so-kind chlorine bleach. 


Multipurpose, this powder can:  


De-stain coffee mugs and tea cups.
Serilise toilet seats

Clean household cleaning cloths
Sterilise bottles and other utensils (eg. hairdresser’s tools).
Soak curtains, cushion covers and carpets.
Clean tiles & grout
Sterilise pet areas and bedding.
Clean decks
Kill Moss
Kill algae in water features.



The rule of thumb - add 30g of veto. Oxygen Bleach to 1 litre of warm water

Depending on the job, you can increase the amount of veto. Oxygen Bleach you add to water. 


General Cleaning - mugs, cloths, toilet seats.

Dissolve 30g in 1 litre of warm water.


"Yellowed" Materials - curtains, sheets, pillows or sweaty sportswear. 
Dissolve 60g in 5 litres of warm water  and let it sit for up to 6 hours. Then, run it through a quick cold water wash with veto. Washing Powder


Killing Moss
Dissolve 50g 1 litre of water and apply with a garden sprayer.


Deck Cleaning
Dissolve 50g in 1 litre of water and apply with a garden sprayer or watering can. Let it sit for at least 20mins then rinse off


The veto. Oxygen Bleach activates with water so it's best stored in containers with vented lids, in a dry place and out of reach of little people. 

500g Oxygen Bleach - unscented