As German speakers would suggest, Our Wonder Bar is quite wonderful!

This pure and natural soap removes tough stains from your clothes AND gently cleans your delicate garments: wool, cashmere, silk 


To Remove Stains:

Moisten the stain on your garment then apply the bar directly to the fabric. Not lathery enough, wet the Wonder Bar and rub onto the stain.


Rinse gently and thoroughly, then throw in your washing pile to clean with the veto. Washing Powder.


Dry as the per instructions on label. 


To Hand Wash Deilicates:

Run cold water directly onto your Wonder Bar while you fill a tub or basin. Agitate the water & add your garment!


Check out some videos to see how you can use the Wonder Bar



Contains saponified organic, fair trade coconut oil, Bay of Plenty rainwater & essential oil 

Wonder Bar - laundry soap